1st Local 101 Show of ’12 A Sold Out Party

Q101’s first Local 101 show of the year was a great notch on our belts (and yours!)-a sold-out show!  Thanks to all who turned out!  For those who were turned away at the door (and there were quite a few unfortunately), we look forward to seeing you at the show there with Local H March 9!  Don’t wait to get tickets at the door-Click HERE!

The Montrose Room is one of the best-kept secrets in town, though it won’t be for long:  It’s wonderfully intimate and has a very exclusive feel.  It’s a classy place enscounced in the Hotel Intercontinental in Rosemont.  How ritzy is this place?  Well, let’s put it this way: it was a strange scene to witness the intermingling of the Q101 crowd and the stone-faced security minions of the Minister Louis Farrakhan who was staying the night there before his group’s annual convention at the United Center Sunday.  So striking was the contrast between the two factions dominating the premises Saturday night-Q101 and Farrakhan rockin’ the same scene?  Really?– that the steely demeanor and red bow ties favored by the Nation of Islam devotees may be the new required wear for the Q101 staff at future shows!

The openers of the show, Chicago’s Hear You Me did a great job onstage with their own songs, and others like The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”. Thanks to the guys in Hear You Me (Tim, Mike, Stefan, Dave) for performing, and showing what they’ve got!


Next up was the evening’s main event, Lucky Boys Confusion!

These west suburban boys have been around for 15 years, and have left their mark on the landscape with a well-versed discography, and not to mention the “Songs From A Scene” concert series.  They brought the crowd into a fervor with some of their hits like “Atari”, “Hey Driver”, and “Fred Astaire”. It was a great performance, with a set that lasted approximately 80 minutes, going through 15 songs from their library.  Their show even featured a small, but surprisingly fierce pit.

We’re great fans of Lucky Boys Confusion, and we have a very long history with them. It’s always good to see them, hear them, and the way they can get a crowd worked up! Thanks to The Montrose Room, Hear You Me, and Lucky Boys Confusion for helping us bring YOU, the fans, Local 101 as it should be. Fun, exciting, and packed full of people having a great time!

At least one of these guys will be selling their free shirt on Ebay.  Can you guess?  (Bonus points if you guessed “the guy not wearing socks!”  Nice work!)

3 thoughts on “1st Local 101 Show of ’12 A Sold Out Party

  1. It was a great time I think Hear You Me was a great choice to open with. However, I am a little disappointed that Lucky Boys decided to leave out as many songs as they did from throwing the game in my opinion the album that makes LBC as great as they are.

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