$38,000 a Ticket to see Foo Fighters?

And YOU thought Lollapalooza ticket prices were high…

Imagine paying $38,000 to see the Foo Fighters.  Who is spending 38 LARGE on a ticket for anything????  That’s a car, or even a house in some places!

The President of the United States of America throws THE sickest parties though, yo.  You gotta pay $38,000 for your red cup, but the entertainment isn’t some dude’s ipod “on shuffle“, it’s the FOO FIGHTERS and the keg isn’t filled with Natural Light.

Will Ferrell was there.  Jack Black was there….although Jack might have been on the payroll as a performer.  We’re not sure.  We are sure this was a swanky fundraiser for the Party Planner in Chief’s re-election bid.

I bet there was no mud pit though…

Can you really have fun when the door is $38,000?  Aren’t your expectations WAY high?

Is there booze?  Are there cool street performers?  If you had $38,000 (in hand) what would YOU do with it?  Would you buy a “three amigos” style outfit like this one Jack Black is wearing?

People like to dream about winning the mega millions or some nonsense…but it doesn’t take millions to change lives to make moves.  What would you do with $38,000?  Leave your plans for 38 grand in the comments below and one lucky dreamer will win a Free Q101 T-Shirt!

The coolest thing about this whole shindig might be that it was at someone’s house.  Check out that map.

Where does the bouncy house go?  Pretzels and hotdogs?  We hope those are Kobe Beef hot dogs at least!

Another cool side note, the entertainment is listed as Obama, Rashid Jones, Jack Black and the Foo Fighters.  How bad ass are the Foo Fighters?  The POTUS is THEIR opening act!

Well, know this…the crew here at Q101 HQ is taking notes on these and other events.  We will rip off all the cool things we can and implement them into Jamboree 2012, sans the $38,000 ticket price.

No word on whether President Obama can join us yet, but you better believe Rahm Emanual the President are getting invitations.

Think they allowed smoking at the fundraiser?  Turns out the truth may be it was $250 to see The Foo Fighters, but $35,000 for dinner.  Something there doesn’t seem right?  Just ask John Stewart!




4 thoughts on “$38,000 a Ticket to see Foo Fighters?

  1. With $38,000 I would buy a ticket to every festival in the country (Lolla, Coachella, Bonnaroo, etc.). I would see amazing bands like RHCP, The Black Keys, Radiohead, Young the Giant, and possibly Chicago’s own Smashing Pumpkins at Lolla. And I would not have known about these amazing bands if it weren’t for Q101. Q101 turned me on to the best alternative music and shaped my life today. To show my appreciation I would also use the money to buy thousands of Q101 shirts and stickers and wear one myself to each concert while also promoting the legendary radio station by giving shirts and stickers away for free. Unfortunately I don’t have $38,000 to do this. But a free Q101 t-shirt would be a start!

  2. I like the way Jon thinks. I too, would buy many Q101 shirts and stickers and merch to put as many walking billboards out there as possible. Wait…billboards! I would buy a billboard ad thanking Q101 for turning me on to the best alternative music and for shaping my life as it is today (totally ripped you off, Jon). But it’s true! I would then throw a pre Jamboree barbeque and buy everyone food and drink. I would find those people (this IS a dream, right?) who really could not afford to go to Jamboree and buy their tickets for them and give them the best time of their lives. I would provide transportation for them to get home safely if they had a wee tad bit too much to drink. Selfishly, I would buy an I Phone and enhance my vehicle sound system so I could stream Q101 while driving. There would be money left over, so I would donate it somewhere to keep the music alive! I do not need a free Q101 t-shirt, I would give mine to Jon.

  3. For 38 large I’d buy Dave Grohl’s beard and have it surgically attached to my face. And if there was any cash left over, I’d buy a drum set. The magic powers of the beard would turn me into a rock legend!

  4. Disgusting. That band sucks AND Grohl is a pretentious douche-bag.
    Whoever likes that kind of sweetly retarded and completely generic radio-friendly bullshit, well congrats, you are an idiot!

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