Groundhog Day Again? I Got You Babe will Never play on Q101…Bill Murray could though

Today is Groundhog Day.  It (the holiday) never made any sense to me at all.  I realize it’s not supposed to…it’s tradition after all.  The Greek translation of “tradition” is literally to do shit just cause you’ve always done it…even if it doesn’t make sense.  At least that’s what wikipedia said.

So if this rodent SEES his shadow, cast from the SUN we get MORE Winter?  That doesn’t compute Will Robinson.  But it doesn’t really have to.

Groundhog Day has a new meaning to the folks here at the World Famous Q101.  Groundhog Day is more about the movie with Bill Murray and the message of the movie to “us”.  Every one else in Chicago media is going to yammer on about how parts of the movie were filmed here in Woodstock…yada yada yada.  Their reports are almost identically to the reports they did last year.  Their reports ARE Groundhog DAY!

We have some crackpot theories on life…be warned.  Matt (one of the new co-owners of Q101) believes Dr. Seuss’s book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” is one of the greatest success manuals of all time and holds some of life’s secrets.

Both owners (Mike & Matt) have a very strong feeling about the movie Groundhog Day and it’s underlying message.  Watch the movie and maybe you’ll see what they see.  You probably won’t.  Let’s face it, these are the same two dudes that tried to get Chicago to band together to buy WLUP and later actually bought Q101 with their own money.  Some think they have a screw loose.

So what’s this mystical insight the Q101 guys have regarding Groundhog Day, the movie you ask?

Here it is…they make us new hires recite it at orientation:


Chew on that.  It means, every day is the same day over and over again.  We’re in a foggy haze all the time and rarely realize how much opportunity is before us.  Every day we have an opportunity to reinvent the day, to change the way we do things, to snap out of it!

If we do nothing, every day will come and go…and we’ll look back and wonder where it went.  If we do the same things over and over, we will get the same results.  Every morning the alarm goes off, we being the same routine, but in real life it’s a new day each time….

It isn’t until Bill Murray figures out how to make the most out of his day for the people around him that he discovers how THAT makes it HIS best day…and he’s free from Groundhog day in perpetuity from that point on.

Every day is ground hog day pal.  As Dr. Suess wrote:

Today is YOUR day…your mountain is waiting…So get on your way!


2 thoughts on “Groundhog Day Again? I Got You Babe will Never play on Q101…Bill Murray could though

  1. I never thought too deeply about that movie – but what you say about every day being Groundhog Day makes a lot of sense. Now if only I didn’t have to go to work every day I could really make the best of my days. Better buy some lotto tickets. Until then – 5:30 am….. I got you babe…..

  2. Well written! I could not agree with you more. Thanks to the philosophy of the two dudes who bucked up to buy Q101, I have changed the way I live. I crawled out from under the rock of my former “life”, which was crushing my creativity and sense of self worth. I’m a much happier soul these days and am impatient to see what I can stir up next! GO Bill Frickin’ Murray!

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