How Voltron Came To Be Is Coming To The Comic Shelves

28 years ago, a delightful little show about 5 people piloting giant robot lions came into our homes. When it was necessary, these 5 lion formed into a giant, colorful kick-ass robot named Voltron. An action backed cartoon that helped bring the wave the 80’s animation and toy craze. The original cartoon faded from the airwaves, but the following and love still remain strong.

Enter Dynamite Comics, a comic publisher that last year put out a Voltron comic series, that was welcomed with a lot of fanfare for its sharp, colorful art, and story lines that gave more depth than a 30 second episode flashback, and the following battle with a “Robeast”. Taking the popularity of their Voltron series and running with it, Dynamite is putting out a “spin-off” title called Voltron: Year One, which will look into the past with greater detail of the 5 pilots that became The Space Squadron that saved the universe on countless occasions.

“The Voltron property is at its resurgent height right now in terms of the new toys, cartoons, comics, etc., so as the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot. We’re forging new backstories for all of the main players with Voltron: Year One.” Said Dynamite editor Joe Rybandt.

There is of course, the current cartoon, entitled Voltron Force, but it is not tied into the comic universe, but this series will be tied heavily into the original series. Watch for the 1st issue coming soon!

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