Mass Effect 3 is Coming – Lock And Load.

The time has come for Bioware to give gamers the demo they’ve been waiting for, Mass Effect 3. An action & role-playing game made by Bioware, the makers of Dragon Age, and published by the powerhouse Electronic Arts (think about the Madden series), the Mass Effect series prides itself on having over more than 1,000 possible combinations of actions and choices in the series that will affect the outcome as the trilogy of games progress closer to the end.

ME 3 opens with your customizable character Commander Shepard on trial for what happened in the last downloadable content pack (DLC) for Mass Effect 2 called “Arrival”. During these opening events in ME 3, a race called the “Reavers” which are feared throughout the Mass Effect universe attack Planet Earth, and you character and your team escape Earth knowing that they can’t fight the Reavers without help, so you’re on a quest to form an alliance with other races to help combat the Reaver threat and stop them once and for all, while those that want you on trial or dead nipping at your heels.

With that said, you will be given the option to import your saves from Mass Effect 1 & 2, which is where the possibilities come into play. Not having any prior save files will not be an issue if Mass Effect 3 is your first installment, or you’ve done something foolish, like delete your saves, or NOT transfer to your new hard drive like a good boy. Mass Effect 3 will have 4 game modes, 3 of them are single player and consist of:

–         RPG where you choose your dialogue responses, with normal game difficulty, and detailed leveling up characters, weapons, and abilities.

–         Action, which has automated dialogue replies and normal game difficulty

–         Story with dialogue responses you choose, and easy game difficulty.

The multiplayer co-op will let you play with up to 3 other players in separate, original missions where you and your friend’s actions can affect all of your single player campaigns.

The Mass Effect 3 demo is available now on Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network, and the game launches in the U.S. on March 6th, 2012 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Windows.

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