NOW HIRING: Batavia Menards Needs Business Minded Delivery Drivers

MAKE big money with Menard’s:

Here’s your chance to be your own boss and make some money.  Maybe it is too good to be true….but it appears as though Menard’s willing to put their muscle behind your hussel so you can make money together.

Maybe this is just the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

There’s one way to find out.  Take action brother.

Menard’s isn’t paying us to mention this.  We don’t know anyone at this location in the Menard’s camp, but we know people need work out there.  We know sometimes you just need a “boost” to take off.

Maybe this is your boost.  Maybe this is the boost someone you know NEEDS.  Share it.  That’s what we’re all here for.

There’s opportunity around every corner, and this one caught our eye around the corner from the men’s room at Menard’s so we snapped a picture and threw it up here for YOU.

One thought on “NOW HIRING: Batavia Menards Needs Business Minded Delivery Drivers

  1. Don’t do it!!! You gotta buy one of their trucks! you work 7 days a week has no benefits. if you miss a days work they charge you to have another delivery driver to do the deliveries. if you dont pay your insurence on time they hold your checks till its paid. paying process is kinda of annoying because sometimes your checks dont come in even though youve though youve been turning your invoices weekly! I drove semi truck doing local deliveries it was a pain doing.deliveries in small.streets!

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