Policeman Caught On Tape Being Nice…Gunned Down.

Are your instincts to be nice?  What would you like the last thing you do before it all ends to be?

This man didn’t go over the top and save a life before he died…but he was nice.  He was polite.  He was courteous to someone he didn’t know, for no good reason…except it felt right.

How many people do you know who do things like this?  Share their stories below if you can.  Don’t share a story about you…tell us about someone you know who is nice.  We’ll pick a comment to win a Q101 shirt…

We need a little more nice in the world.  Meanwhile say a prayer for this man’s family.

2 thoughts on “Policeman Caught On Tape Being Nice…Gunned Down.

  1. My girlfriend was shopping at Walmart the other night and she forgot her Credit card in the car and was $6 short for her purchase in cash and a Customer service manager actually gave her the $6 she needed without a second thought that she might not get the money back. (My girl is honest though and went and gave her the money back. But the act alone has showed that not everyone is a selfish jerk.

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