Q101 Goes Strong At The Congress

Friday, February 24th there was a concert at The Congress Theater in Chicago featuring Devil, Kill The Noise, and Korn. The crowd was an amalgam of parents, adults, and children, “new” Korn fans and “old” Korn fans. Different people from different walks of life. Something a lot of the people who were at that show have in common is something great: Q101 fans.


Q101 was at the Congress in force, spreading the word, talking about music and meeting fans new and old. Q101 hasn’t gone anywhere. Some concert goers said “You don’t exist anymore”. We do exist. it’s 2012, and technology changes, and matures. Q101.com, your iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. We aren’t just a “Chicago” radio station anymore. You can listen to us anywhere in the world. That’s what we came to tell our fans, and that’s what we did, with tons of people excited to see us.

And that’s not all folks, we’ve got fans in Korn as well, by the names of Ray and Wes:

Q101 had a great time at the Congress, and so did all the fans. We thank everyone that came out and enjoyed themselves, and we look forward to seeing you at the next one! And to the rest of you:

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