The winds of change are upon us……

Thank God that the Blackhawks are finally back on track. After that 9 game losing streak the Hawks almost found themselves out of the playoff race. But then a miracle happened in New York….. It was the perfect setting. Madison Square Garden, the world’s most famous arena. The Hawks were desperate to break their miserable losing streak while the Rangers were looking to continue their dominance as the best team in the NHL’s Eastern Conference.

But then all of a sudden, the Blackhawks snapped out of their funk and finally broke the losing streak with a 4-2 victory over the New York Rangers. And ever since then the Blackhawks have come back to life. They are aggressive on offense, they’ve improved on defense, and Goalies Cory Crawford and Ray Emery are on top of their game again.

I truly believe that the winds of change are upon us. I truly believe the Blackhawks are ready to return to glory. I truly believe that the Hawks are ready to make another championship run. And I truly believe that this losing streak was to prepare the Blackhawks for greatness.

Currently they are back to 6th in the Western Conference playoff standings.  The Hawks have a really good chance to improve their streak to 7 in row as their next three games are against the three worst teams in the Pacific Division {Dallas, Los Angeles, Anaheim}. They wrap up the month of February at home against Toronto.

It will be a tough game but having the home ice advantage will be a huge help. All in all, I can very easily see the Blackhawks finishing the month of February 3-1. I can also see the Hawks cracking the top 5 of the playoff standings. Yes it was a hard losing streak, but every great team goes through some type of adversity.

But to the Blackhawks nation I say don’t panic. This was just a minor setback in a major operation, things will continue to get better. The Blackhawks will reclaim what is theirs in 2012. ONE GOAL!

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