Where has the excitement of the NBA All-Star game gone?

Either last night’s game went by way too fast or the NBA All-Star game has lost it’s swagger. The 2012 NBA All-Star game had all of the stars, but none of the star power. Derrick Rose scored 16 points in the game but I didn’t notice. Luol Deng played 6 minutes but I don’t remember him entering the game. Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibideau didn’t seem to care if the Eastern Conference won or lost. The West won 152-149 but it seemed like the lowest scoring game of the century. Kobe Bryant passed up His Airness {Michael Jordan} on the all-time list for most total points scored in all-star game appearances but for some reason I didn’t care.

Mary J. Blige was amazing with the national anthem, Pitbull had a decent halftime show, but then Chris Brown killed it for me. Even worse, I failed to realize the significance of that. Is that bad? Ever since TNT won the rights to broadcast the NBA All-Star game, the only memorable year that I can remember was in 2003 when Michael Jordan in his final all-star game tied the game in the 4th quarter to force overtime. Although the East wound up losing in overtime, Jordan gave everyone something to remember for many years to come.

Since then, the TNT version of the all-star game has failed to deliver in my book. I mean c’mon, if I forget that the game is even on television most years then something isn’t right. When NBC had the rights to the annual game, the star power was there, the games were memorable, and they didn’t need a flashy halftime or pre-game show {Like TNT does now} in order to attract viewers. Plus not to mention the names that played in the game during the NBC era: Jordan, Pippen, Shaq, Magic, Bird, Olajawon, Mullin, Thomas, Dumars, Lambieer, etc.

The players in today’s all-star game are more hated then they are respected. The players during the NBC era were always respected despite the tension among rival fans. This day and age, not so much. There were plenty of Kobe, LeBron, and D-Wade haters in attendance in Orlando last night. Where has the excitement of the NBA All-Star game gone and how can we get it back? My fear is that one day the NBA All-Star game will become obsolete like the NHL’s All-Star game has. Don’t get me wrong, regular season ball is great, and playoff ball even better.

But the all-star game which one was a proud tradition is all about the flash and bling instead of celebrating the games best players. This attitude needs to change if the NBA All-Star game is to remain within the fabric of the sports society.

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