Which Manning brother is better, Peyton or Eli?

Well at this point I think it’s safe to say that on paper at least that Eli is the better of the two. Super Bowl championships aside {Eli 2, Peyton 1}, here are the other factors that currently have Eli ahead of Peyton:

1. Eli had the season of his life in 2011. He lead the Giants at the end of the season to a division championship just barley making the playoffs to win it all. Peyton on the other hand missed the entire season with that neck injury. Initially it seemed like Peyton would only miss training camp and preseason.

So the Colts offense half-assed the first two exhibition games thinking Peyton would come back good as new.  But then Peyton had a setback and needed another surgery, this time he would be kept out until October {Or so we were told}. So the Colts signed the recently retired Kerry Collins so they could have a veteran QB just in case.

Not only did the Kerry Collins experiment fail, It turned out that Peyton’s neck wasn’t healing fast enough so he would now miss the 2011 season. While the Colts waited in joyful hope for Peyton to return, their performance suffered as a result. They finished the 2011 season with a 2-14 record and will now have the #1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

2. Thanks to the Colts not preparing for the worst {Peyton getting seriously injured} by not having a solid backup in place, the rumor has been buzzing for quite sometime that the Colts will draft Andrew Luck from Stanford.  Eli does not have such problems to worry about.

3. All of the Andrew Luck talk has some in the Colts organization thinking that after Peyton’s injury, the Colts just may part ways with Peyton Manning and give Luck the keys to the kingdom. This chatter has come about mainly due to the fact that Peyton is owed a $28 million roster bonus on March 28th.

Some within Colts land feel that money could be better used on Andrew Luck. As for Eli, as long as Tom Coughlin has job security, so will Eli as long as he stays healthy.

4. Next year the Indianapolis Colts will look different. Former Baltimore Colts Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pagano will be the new head coach in 2012. Also, the Colts have numerous free agents and chances are it will be difficult to bring all of them back. Personally, I feel that Colts management was wrong for putting all of the blame for the 2-14 season on Jim Caldwell.

The Colts front office is just as much to blame. With Chuck Pagano calling the shots on the field, the Colts will focus more on defense. The offense will also be more geared towards the run. This could take away the dynamic offensive play calling that is engineered by Peyton himself. This is adding fuel to the fire that Andrew Luck could be the replacement instead of the future.

Eli on the other hand will still have most if not all of the pieces in place from the 2011 season.

And 5. Even if Peyton does go to another team, there’s no guarantee that he will start. He will have to answer a lot of questions about his injured neck before anyone takes a chance on him. As for Eli, barring any unforseen circumstances he has smooth sailing ahead of him. But again I stress, this is only on paper.

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