Why do you watch the Super Bowl?

Football is my all-time favorite sport. I think that’s obvious considering I write about football more often than any other sport. But as we draw closer to Super Bowl Sunday I got to thinking……. Every year I watch football, I watch the NFL playoffs, and more often than not the Bears never make the Super Bowl. But yet I still watch the big game regardless.

This year I am watching specifically as a journalist and a football fan. I’m just glad that Detroit and Green Bay didn’t make it very far this year. I watched last year’s game because I wanted Pittsburgh to put a hurting on Green Bay because the {Fudge} Packers had to go through our beloved Bears to get there. Sometimes I do want a team to win, but other times I watch just because I love football.

But with the Bears not even making the playoffs this season, I pose this question to the Q101 nation: Why are you watching the game this year? Of course the Super Bowl is the one event that attracts both football fans and non football fans. On Super Sunday, any other sporting event that is scheduled for that day is played between the hours of 11am and 2pm. This is done so that no one tries to take attention {and ratings} away from the Super Bowl.

For this same reason, all the TV networks not covering the game broadcast either re-runs, syndicated programming, or some crappy movie. The sports channels in this country will run either a sports related movie, or some pre-recorded programming or even an infomercial to pass the time away. Not to mention the millions of dollars companies and organizations spend to advertise during the game.

So indeed the world does stop for the Super Bowl. My wife, about half of my in-laws, my brother, and other friends and relatives who don’t care for football watch the game simply for the commercials. Other people I know only watch so they can attend or host a Super Bowl party. But just about everybody else that I know watches because they are football fans like me.

I think my mother and my grandmother are the only people I know who won’t be watching the game……. But the Super Bowl is one of the reasons why America is so great. Super Sunday is also beneficial to the economy as well. Whether it is patronizing your local restaurant, bar, or tavern. Or spending a bundle at the grocery store buying soda, frozen food, snacks etc…..

Or even ordering a pizza or other delivery food, Super Sunday is one day where we can all unite in front of our radios and televisions and just enjoy one of life’s greatest events.  I will be watching the game on Sunday, will you?

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