As If There Aren’t Enough A-holes On TV

Q101 is partial to several hot dog joints around town.  We’ve been loud and proud supporters of Gene & Jude’s, for example.  However, there is absolutely no comparison anywhere that we’ve found, to the Weiner’s Circle.  You get to eat Lips ‘n Assholes, and you get treated like one, too.  It’s really an experience like no other.  Now, America is about to get in on the act, vicariously of course.  They’ll watch.  We’ll be berated.  And we’ll love every minute of it.  What a bunch of assholes we are.   Check this story out from the A.V. Club, and if you are not familiar with this joint, please check the video on the A.V. Club’s site HERE.

There are seven words you can’t say on television. So we’re not quite sure how The Wiener’s Circle, where we’d estimate a good six of those are in regular nightly rotation, got a TV show—but somehow, that happened.

Known for its profane, verbally abusive nighttime waitstaff, the famed Chicago hot dog stand will be the subject of a new reality show on TruTV. The Tuesday-night program will begin airing on March 20, and will show actual customers accepting “outrageously irreverent and hilariously embarrassing challenges” with free hot dogs, burgers, and fries as prizes.

So take note, uptight execs of Lincoln Park: The American public will now be watching from their La-Z-Boys as you drop into The Wiener’s Circle inebriated for late-night verbal abuse, a hot dog, and that specific act of indecent exposure known as the Chocolate Milkshake. When you sober up, feel free to file a billion-dollar lawsuit against the show for publicizing your 5 a.m. drunk binge eating—but don’t expect to win.



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