Breaking News: Brandon Marshall could be in legal trouble.

Wow, it never ends does it. So not even 24 hours after the Bears traded for Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall, it has come to light that Marshall may have been involved in a fight over the weekend. According to an article just released before 1am Chicago time by the New York Post, Brandon Marshall got into a fight at a New York City nightclub.

You can read the article here:

Hours before the New York Post article came to light, rumors had been spreading online that Marshall may or may not have been involved in a night club brawl. Not too long afterwards, ESPN had reported that Brandon Marshall was present at this NYC club and that his wife was with him but could not confirm if Marshall was involved in an altercation.

An hour before the NY Post released it’s article, Brandon Marshall’s lawyer posted a statement saying that Marshall’s wife was injured at this club after being struck with a bottle which was thrown by someone else that was involved in a fight.

You can read that statement here:

So until the NYPD investigates this matter, all we can do is wait to hear the details. As for what legal ramifications could take place, only time will tell. But I know for sure that the NFL will conduct their own investigation. And should the NFL find that Marshall was involved in any wrongdoing, Brandon Marshall could be suspended under the league’s personal conduct policy.

A policy in which Marshall has violated several times in the past.  Of course this is the last thing the Bears need after their big free agent transactions that took place on Monday afternoon. This could impact the Bears 2012 season hopes. We will continue to update this story as it develops.

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