DC Reboots Elsewhere.. Their Site

DC Comics, which is a part of Warner Brothers Entertainment, made huge waves last year, with their announcement that they were “rebooting” the entire DC universe, and there was a lot of trepidation as to whether it was going to be successful, but the men that run the show like Jim Lee, Dan DiDio, and Geoff Johns were adamant and positive about the reboot, allowing continuities to streamline, and let titles stand out on their own. This was a huge deal in the comic universe, and a potentially great opportunity for people who either lost their way in the universe, or newbies who were interested in getting on the bus.

The reboot was more successful than DC’s creative imagined, with some of the new #1 titles getting 2,3,4,and 5 reprints. It was a huge success, and the formula that they used in the 1980’s with “Crisis On Infinite Earths” worked again.

Another reboot has come across to DC. Their website, DC Comics┬áhas been completely re-done, and their logo has been streamlined to something drastically different. Long gone is the star circle “bullet” that we remember, and now, we see this:

DC is making some giant leaps, and big changes. Stay tuned for more.


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