Holy Crap, Apple! Can You Spot Me A Few Bucks??

Have you ever been sitting on a “pile of cash”? How long did it take you to decide what to do with it? Psh. It doesn’t matter. You never had 97 Billion dollars in reserves, like technology conglomerate and design masters Apple. Yep, you heard it right. building for cheap, and selling for what a lot consider high has made Apple this unbelievable amount of cash reserve. You really need to think Scrooge McDuck’s money bin.

This is quite a bog deal in the technology, and sales/retail industry in general. Tomorrow morning, bright and early there’s a press conference at 8:00 AM central time that you can listen in on, where Apple CEO Tim Cook, and their CFO Peter Oppenheimer will discuss what they’re gonna do with this big fat bag of cash. Acquiring companies or technology? Passing it out among stockholders? Donating to worthy causes? It has all been speculated, but nothing will be sure until the phone conference. Are you interested in hearing from the mouth of the men themselves where the greenbacks are going? Here’s the info you need to listen in:

The live phone press conference starts at 8am central time/6am pacific.9am eastern. Call  (877) 616-0063 toll-free or (719) 219-0041 local. Conference code is #592016. What? You’re too lazy for that? There will be a phone conference “replay” at 10am central time/12pm eastern time, and 8am pacific time at  (877) 616-0063 toll-free and (719) 219-0041 local. Punch in 6274937 to listen in on the rebroadcast of the call. Stay tuned for the innovating, and probably surprising decisions!


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