Chick Clique? Or Is ‘New’ Facebook?

What is It’s a place where women can go and fantasize about being thin, build weddings they don’t have a man for, and pick out shoes that they can’t afford. Yet…there is something quite appealing about being able to lose yourself in the fantasy of what Pinterest has to offer. If you need that extra kick of motivation, just click on the Fitness section and there will be motivational sayings to offer you a boost, pictures of ripped chicks that maybe you will hang up on your wall and even light cooking recipes to help you get on track. Or you can do what many Pinterestites do and just look at Pinterest and imagine you are thin, have motivation, and can cook anything that crosses your mind.

I think one of the many appeals of Pinterest is that it’s a place where you can lose yourself for hours just thinking about the “what if’s” in life. What if I had enough money to buy that million dollar mansion and put that amazing water feature that I don’t need? Well good thing that Pinterest has a picture for that.

It’s Facebook without words.  It’s the digital egotistical storybook you have always wanted to flaunt to your friends. It’s the over the top change from saying, “I just had dinner,” on Facebook to I am going to make this four layer cake with snickers frosting in the shape of Cookie Monster and it’s going to be amazing. It’s the perfect website for all of the slackers in life who need something else to eat up their time at work and stave off the boredom of living alone.

I was a Pinterest junkie for about two weeks. Then I realized I had a life that included school, work, friends, family, and my TV. So my new plan of action is to go in with a plan of attack. Similar to what you should do on Black Friday for if you don’t, you end up standing in line for four hours with a cupcake, a broom, two packages of socks, and a DVD player that you don’t need. I now will look for specific recipes or maybe I will try to find an idea for photos to hang on my wall. I won’t go looking at wedding dresses that I don’t need right now, pictures of piercings and tattoos that will never be cool or water features for a mansion I may never own.

On the flip side, the good thing about Pinterest is that it hasn’t been sold to all of the advertisers of the world so you don’t have to worry about the barrage of ads that come along with social media. No pop ups. No click through ads that seem to know exactly what you did and what you have said. I shouldn’t rag on Pinterest too much because they do have really good pictures on there that may inspire you in multiple facets of your life. It did for me. I found these awesome lockets that I would never have found without Pinterest. Did I need them? No. Did they appeal to me? Yes. So maybe there is subconscious advertising on there and I am one of the suckers that are born every minute. And for those suckers, there are apps for the Android market and iphone so you can always get your Pinterest on.

Everything is good in moderation. With the vast expanse of social media like Facebook and Pinterest, you can end up losing your life and waking up like Rip Van Winkle. Don’t know who he is? Pinterest will have a picture of him and someone is updating their status right now on Facebook asking a friend who Rip Van Winkle is.


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