Mass Effect 3 – Can You Save Us All?

DO you have what it takes to save the planet? Ready to be a hero? You may not be, but Commander Shepard is, in the swan song in Bioware’s amazing sci-fi role-playing trilogy, Mass Effect 3. We took a brief look at it last month in a preview, but now there’s no more guessing, anticipation, or camping out in front of your local store. It’s here. Is it as bad ass as you think? Luke Brown of Games Radar gives a constantly updating walk through of the game:

The Reapers have invaded and it is up to Commander Sheppard to gather the galaxy’s forces to stop them. With the massive branching storyline that encompasses the events and choices of the first two games and characters who may or may not have been vaporized by a nuclear bomb it may be intimidating going into the next game knowing the fate of the galaxy lies in your choices. Luckily, we’ve put together a handy walk through to guide you through the entire game.

Prologue: Earth

Shepard is requested to meet with the Defense Committee about the Reaper threat. As the committee debates what to do about the incoming attack, the European front comes under siege. It is too late to prepare, as the Reapers have started their invasion. The communications with Europe are cut short, and the Reapers appear just outside the chamber window.

Objective 1: Rendezvous with the Normandy to escape.

Admiral Anderson and Shepard appear to be the only survivors of the blast that took out the chamber. Follow Admiral Anderson out the window, and across the outside of the structure.

As you make your way across the rooftops, you will encounter a small group of Husks. Take them out, and then proceed down the ladder with Anderson.

Once you drop down, a second small group of Husks will appear. You will have to take them out with melee attacks. After defeating them, a Reaper ship blasts the building Shepard is standing on, opening a way inside.

After entering, make your way to the door on the left. A Husk will pop out. Eliminate him, and then proceed through the door, and into the building.

A short cut scene will play, and Shepard and Anderson will find themselves in another part of the building. Pick up the ammo, and then follow Anderson out the window.

As you make your way across the destroyed building, a Reaper ship will destroy a Drednaught. The resulting explosion causes a shockwave that sends Shepard and Anderson careening down to the rubble below. There you will encounter two soldiers hiding from a group of Cannibals. Take them out.

To see more of Luke Brown’s walk through, see the whole thing at Games Radar here, and help Commander Shepard save the world.

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