Music And Politics With Scott Lucas Of Local H

J.T. Morand brings a frank, and interesting interview with Scott Lucas of Local H to the pages of the Chicago Sun Times, and we’re more than happy to share it with you, what with our Local 101 show with them March 9th at The Montrose Room:

Local H makes a record only when they have something to say.

And, with the political divide in this country widening and the presidential election eight months away, they have something to say on their yet to be released 12th album, “Hallelujah! I’m A Bum.”

It’s been four years since the Chicago-based, two-man post-grunge band consisting of Scott Lucas (vocals, guitar and bass) and Brian St. Clair (drums) released a studio album — “12 Angry Months” in 2008.

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Unfortunately, there’s no release date set for “Hallelujah!,” but the band finished mixing last month and Lucas said the album will be out before the November elections.

“We wanted to take this thing that goes on in the country, and the rest of the world, and figure out how it affects people and their relationships with each other and the relationships within their neighborhoods and their community,” Lucas said. “It definitely is a record that, in some ways, has an expiration date, and that expiration date would be November. But, in other ways, it doesn’t.”

To read the full interview with Scott Lucas, go to it on the Chicago Sun-Times website here.

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