RAW Recap, 3-5-12: Feuds Simmer As Wrestlemania Looms

Q101, Chicago's Alternative, Q101 RadioWWE RAW rolled into Boston’s TD Garden last night with a churning truckload of drama and hype for Wrestlemania 28 on April 1st. The live show on USA Network was driven by the mega-feud between Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson and John Cena trading a verbal bombs at each other during various pre-taped segments with a big face-off to close out the show.  WWE also featured WWE Champion and Chicago’s own @CMPunk in action with Sheamus as his tag team partner against World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho.Oh and we have new champion to talk about to. Here is a full rundown of this week’s RAW.

The Rock had the funniest moments of this week’s RAW with his Boston history segments which saw him throw Cena merch into Massachusetts Bay, talk about his “Clydesdale”, and tear his Wrestlemania 28 opponent to shreds. When Rocky riffed WWE making a John Cena troll doll, he said it was ridiculous that it was even made and was likely owned by a “30 or 40 year old man whose a VIRGIN!”

John Cena may have been in his hometown, but he got booed at the beginning of the night only to have his hometown crowd behind him a the end of the night. Cena’s empty arena promo in the first hour and his live face-off with the Rock at the end of the night, all played into his favor. The leader of Cenation came up short at November’s Survivor Series when he got out-shined by the Rock when the two rivals tagged togehter against R-Trtuh and The Miz. Now Cena has all of the momentum as he verbally rattled the wrestler-turned-movie star, The Rock. Even after the fun taped segments, Rocky is eating Cena’s dust right now on the road to Wrestlemania.

CM Punk is the WWE Champion and the champion in the hearts of the Windy City wrestling fans, but he got caught in a rollup pin tonight by his ‘Mania challenger Chris Jericho in a tag match on RAW. Jericho reverse the small package rollup at the last second to catch Punk’s shoulders, pinning the WWE Champion in a non-title contest just weeks before they go one-on-one in Miami on Pay Per View.  This bout was the best wrestling match of the night which was dominated by taped promos and talking segments with Daniel Bryan and Sheamus also smashing around the ring to the delight of Beantown. Even with the results spoiled here, you should go to www.youtube.com/wwe to rewatch it for the action.

Shawn Michael’s theme music started RAW with his sarcastic promo where the now retired superstar talked about egging his Degeneration X buddy Triple H into a Wrestlemania rematch with the Undertaker. The tension got real hot, real quick when Triple H got into the discussion and said he was going to beat the Undertaker’s legendary undefeated streak at Mania because he knows Shawn Micales “could not do it”. The Game is of course referencing the Heartbreak Kid losing to the Undertaker two years in a row at Mania in 2009 and 2010. The big twist came when Michaels revealed he was going to be the referee for the Hell in the Cell Match at Wrestlemania 28.

Overall WWE did a fine job to sustain the heat for the biggest wrestling event of the year with this week’s RAW. If you never watch WWE throughout the year, this probably the best time to tune in and catch up on all the bodyslamming soap opera before WM28 on April 1st.

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