WWE RAW Recap 3.19.12: The Rock Gets Rocky, CM Punk Gets Mad

Last night’s WWE RAW from Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Arena drove the WWE truck into the final stretch to the biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania XXVIII with all of the major matchups getting a some developments. So did get the always-fickle wrestling fans of the world hyped up for 4 hour Pay Per View on Sunday, April 1st? Let’s find out.





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CM Punk & Chris Jericho steal the show
This opening segment where manipulative mastermind Chris Jericho apologized to Chicago’s own WWE Champion CM Punk for revealing that the Straight Edge star’s father was an alcoholic last week, was the best bit of this week’s RAW. Jericho interrupted Punk’s promo via satellite on the Titantron where said like a true liar (Rollin’s Band anyone?) he said he was speaking to him as ‘Chris’ not Jericho, and that it was wrong of him to disrespect Punk’s father and his family. He promised Punk that he would never speak of his father again only to turn his venom toward Punk’s sister for history of drug abuse. Punk going ballistic and getting bleeped on national TV was engaging and intense. The only part missing from this segment was Punk being able vent this fuming anger out on another superstar, otherwise this segment made this fued the second hottest storyline going into WM28.

Yo Adrian! The Rock uses the Itallion Stallion to trot into Wrestlemania 28
Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson appeared once again on tape, cutting a promo in Philly in front of the famous Rocky statue. Rocky as in the beloved underdog character from the classic boxing movie series. If I had to explain who Rocky is to you, you need stop reading this and go watch one of those movies which will make shadow box for days.

The Rock recalled as a 12 year old boy standing in front of this statue and aspiring to be the ‘greatest of all time’. He recalled his memorable Mania victories over Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan while also comically sneaking in tribute lines from the Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage which all leads him to defeating one more great star: John Cena at Wrestlemania 28. The Rock made it clear if he can beat Cena he feels he will be the greatest.
The mix of machismo and ball-busting by Johnson continued when he claimed he will take one of Philladelphia signature cheesesteaks shove into a certain orifice on John Cena’s body. Even though seeing Rock in front of the live wrestling crazy Philly fans would have been energetic, the narrative with the ‘Rocky’ movie references made this seem special and focused.

Not even a car crash can stop Super-Cena!
Yesterday this blogger was busy over at Examiner.com covering news that WWE franchise player John Cena had been invovled in a legitimate car accident before RAW. In the linked article Cena said he was fine after the accident but WWE still wanted to play it up because of the internet chatter it created in the afternoon. It did not Cena from making another Superman comeback to lift the 400lb Henry over his head and slam him for an Attitude Adjustment. The Rock then shocked the Philly fans, hit the ring, teasing some anticipated physicality with Cena only to slam Henry with a Rock Bottom. The Rock then strutted out of the ring with Cena looking bewildered and exhausted. It was not an mind-blowing scene but the final confrontation before their match next week is still something to savor and wait for. Let’s just hope Rock and Cena can exceed the hype in Miami.

World Champion Daniel Bryan humbles the Long Island Iced Z
Zack Ryder is campaigning on his web show “Z! True Long Island Story” and his Twitter to get on Wrestlemania by being a member of Smackdown Teddy Long’s team in the Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny 6-on-6 Tag Team battle. That campaign took a mistep when the red hot World Champion Daniel Bryan whipped off his Rough Ryder, and moved it into the neck-cranking Labell Lock forcing the Broski to tap out. Tapping out two weeks before ‘RyderMania’, Are you serious Bro?! Daniel Bryan who’s been taking a page from the Macho Man’s ‘Treat your Girlfriend really Bad’ book with the adorable AJ, is at the highest level he has ever been in WWE so far. Last week it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Royalm Rumble Sheamus was going over on Bryan for the World title at ‘Mania, but now it seems like the title could stay with the American Dragon.

Cody Rhodes punches out the Big Show
Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes at ringside, continued to mocked the Big Show with embarrassing video retelling his past Wrestlemania failures. Flashing back to Show’s 2008 lost to middleweight boxing great Floyd Mayweather, Rhodes assaulted the 450lb giant Show after he handcuffed him to the ropes. Rhodes danced around the ring while pummeling Show with his boxing gloved fists. It’s odd seeing the World’s Biggest Athlete on the receiving end of a merciless beating, and even more odd it was with boxing gloves. Cody, you got that beautitful IC title belt why didn’t you smash him with that? Wrestling logic is not real life logic.

Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny: Catfighting cougars! Two new wrestlers announced!
Kofi Kingston and R-Truth were trumped by Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. The post-match cat fight between the cougarlicious Vickie Guerrero and the Russian hottie Aksana who are opposing sides of the Team Teddy Long and Team John Laurinitis war, was entertaining. Guerrero screaming like a banshee is just pure hilarity. Thought this made for good TV it teases both of theses women being added to the 6-on-6 match which is off putting when you consider all the talented dudes like Zack Ryder who are deserving of those precious few spots on Wrestlemania Pay Per View card.

The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H ramble on to WM28
WWE shifted the show-closing segment away from Rock and Cena and putting it on the Hell in a Cell match between ‘the last of a dying breed’ Triple H, The Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels. After last week’s flub where ‘Taker got the date of Mania wrong in his promo, this story needed to get a boost and it got some help seeing the two legendary wrestlers and their legendary special guest referee in the ring together. Yet at the end of the show it felt slightly soft on delivery even with ‘Taker and Triple H glaring at one another and promising to ‘end’ the other. “Taker whose usually spot on, went a little overboard when he asked Trips if he was willing to sacrifice his life to beat ‘Taker’s undefeated streak at Mania.This story is still fun to follow, but it should be hair-raising by this point with all of the factors involved.

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