Brock Lesnar returns to WWE: Top 5 new match-ups with WWE stars

Brock Lesnar storms back into WWE

Former UFC and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar made waves this past Monday on USA Network, when he returned to WWE. His presence at the American Airlines Arena the night after Wrestlemania was overwhelming as grown male 20 something dudes in the crowd jumped up and down as the “Next Big Thing” walked down the ring and confronted mega-star John Cena. Cena offered a handshake to Lesnar, only to get an F5 slam to the canvas which elicited a huge pop from the Miami crowd.

Less than 24 hours earlier fans were watching the Rock defeat John Cena and The Undetaker steal the show in a brutal fight with Triple H at Wrestlemania 28, but the talk of the wrestling world is now focused on Lesnar and his return. Let’s look at all the possible matches we could get out of this addition to the roster.

Lesnar vs. CM Punk

The pride of Chicago, the Straigh Edge superstar, and WWE Champion are all titles held by CM Punk. The tattooed rebel has been the guy for WWE in 2011 and this year seems like he’s really getting the ‘ball’ as he defeated Chris Jericho at WM28 on Sunday and will headline Extreme Rules later this month at the Allstate Arena. So Lesnar should definitely set his sight on this guy if he wants to continue to shake things up, but Punk will not go down easily.

Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan

It’s doubtful that the┬áintimidating Lesnar will cross paths with the former World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan (a.k.a Bryan Danielson) but if they did ever meet in the ring it would a hard-hitting gritty battle that fans would not forget. Daniel may be playing a heel character who avoids unfiltered fights with his bigger opponents, but he has legit background in Martial Arts and it would interesting to see him apply those skills in a pro wrestling match with a beast like Lesnar.

Lesnat vs. The Undertaker

This is a rematch fans have been asking for since Undertaker traded words with Brock after his UFC 121 loss to Cain Valasquez. ┬áRight after losing his Heavyweight title in the Octagon, ‘Taker who was attending the fight, made a verbal crack as Lesnar on camera as he walked by. The tense scene started a whirlwind of internet rumors in late 2010 about Lesnar’s WWE return and a match with the Deadman to challenge his Wrestlemania undefeated streak.

Lesnar vs. The Rock

Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson returned to WWE on ‘featured status’ role appearing sporadically, in the road to his main eventy WM28 match with Cena in Miami. Apparently the show did real well with Johnson’s movie-star appeal attached to it, as preliminary numbers have over 1.9 million homes watching the show domestically on Pay Per View. If WWE wants to pull the trigger on another ‘money match’ then what’s bigger than the former champ of the UFC taking on the champ of Hollywood action movies for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 29 next year in New Jersey?

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