C2E2 Post-Report

A weekend of human density, popular culture, digital, print, and toy entertainment came to a close on Sunday April 15th with the McCormick Place north building lights dimming at 5pm to signal it’s time to get out, but the love and excitement of what was in this massive building continues every day in the fans, and companies that buy and create the entertainment that has become mainstream like a blur.

Q101’s presence & table shocked, and excited a lot of people at the convention. The fans and support poured in non-stop through the entire weekend, with supporters normal, and super-hero alike. We traversed the show floor and beyond, reaching every man, woman, child, and cape we saw to remind them that Q101 is as strong as ever.

The Incredible Hulk, as you can see here, couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw the Q101 table.

The Q101 puppet kept showing up in the darndest places! Like here

And here

And here.

The response, support, and feeling of camaraderie during the convention was amazing, and we thank all the fans that came out to see us, and also enjoyed the convention!

Q101 also got into the John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Torchwood) Q & A, and he delighted the crowd, leaving everyone in stitches with his frank and honest answers, stories, and singing.

And no Q101 appearance would be complete without our mascot, the endearing Mr. Bananas who came to say hi to the kids!

Q101 was the perfect description of divide & conquer, we had the convention covered on all fronts, with more than enough to go around! Q101 is popular culture, Q101 is Chicago’s Alternative, WE ARE Q101!!

 All photos care of Nina Andorf




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