Craft Beer Lovers Unite!

The Alternative, Chicago’s Alternative, Q101, Q87, 87.7 FM, WKQX Radio, Merlin Media, WXRT, Everything Alternative, Chicago’s New Rock Alternative, Q101.comTo get warmed up for Chicago’s Craft Beer Week, just head up to Madison, WI  from May 4-13.  The event features more than 150 events, including beer dinners, pub crawls and rare beer tappings.  More information, including a list of events, iChicago Craft Beer Week begins a few days (May 17th) after the end of Madison’s version.

How does Chicago’s Craft Beer Week  work? Chicago will be divided into nine neighborhoods plus the suburbs. The goal is to entice patrons to explore the depth and breadth of local craft beer and honor those who enrich the community of beer lovers.

It’s expected that more than 200 venues will participate this year, offering special $4 tastings of rare beers and other special events throughout the week. Festivities will begin with the “Beer Under Glass” event at Garfield Park Conservatory and end with the closing party at Revolution Brewing’s new production facility. For more information, go to and have a fun!

Source: Chicago Tribune-Josh Noel


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