For The Love Of The Silicon

We all love technology, don’t we? The beeps, the boops, the touchscreens, the Bluetooth, everything that makes our world wireless, our data given to us at high-speeds, and the form & function the arouses our eyes, and opens our wallets. Does anyone even remember the days before mass e-mails, Facetime, and digital signatures? It seems like ages ago, the stone age. Video conferencing? Quad-core CPUs? Witchcraft!¬†Shenanigans!

But no, the amazing leaps and progressions with digital technology has been one of the most amazing feats and advances the human race has seen in the last 40+ years. To be the age of someone who¬†was alive during World War II must be mind-boggling, to see the changes in the world. To hold something like an iPhone in your hand, and all the things from even 10 years ago, all in one device that size, still blows me away. To see computers with 1 Terrabyte (TB) Hard drives or more compared to when I was 5 years old, and my dad’s computer was a Tandy with a 5MB hard drive that was the size and weight of a cinder block is something I still cannot wrap my head around. Thinking about it almost doesn’t make sense, Does it?


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