Liu: A Lousy Loser

Don’t get THIS guy on your bad side…Jicheng “Kevin” Liu was a prolific burglar with a mean streak who cyberstalked anyone who crossed him, Cook County prosecutors say.

In retaliation for his arrest in the theft of a stroller, Liu ran online ads claiming his accuser performed acts of prostitution out of her Roscoe Village residence, authorities said. The woman and her husband were awakened in the middle of the night several times earlier this year by men at their front door who thought they had appointments for sex.

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Jicheng LiuJicheng Liu

Prosecutors said Liu sometimes mistakenly targeted the wrong people, then unleashed a torrent of malicious allegations online against them. In one case, wrongly thinking another victim caused his arrest, he alleged that the woman, a nurse at a children’s hospital, routinely mistreated patients, they said. Then, posing as a female homebuyer on the Internet, Liu accused the nurse’s Realtor husband of rape, according to prosecutors.
By Jeremy Gorner and Jason Meisner, Chicago Tribune reporters

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