Q101 @ C2E2, Day One

Certainly one of Q101’s most arduous adventures into the wild, is the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2). It’s quite a task to work one of these conventions, but Q101 balanced it all with a steady hand!

Q101 found itself in Artist Alley, but look! We had a corner, which means more space. We did what we’re good at, and that’s make a crowd. We talked about Q101, talked with our fans about Jamboree, sold merch, and had an overall great time! Just like this kid, one of our excited interns:

Once we sent up out table, the traffic just kept coming! It was non-stop until around 3pm:

Today was the first of three days, and the fans came out in droves! Here’s to a great day one, and 2 more to come! And tomorrow, be sure to wear your Q101 shirt with pride, and if we see it, you may get some “treats”!!

All photos care of Nina Andorf


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