Randall Goes Honeybadger On Q

The legendary voice behind the viral video “Crazy Nastyass Honeybadger,” Randall, was in town Monday on the campus of Depaul University to promote his new book (what else?): Honeybadger Dont Care: Randall’s Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals. Apparently word reached him about our grass-roots efforts to independently fund a major festival, “Jamboree” via http://Q101Jamboree.com and he decided to lend his considerable voice to our efforts.

Or skewer it, and us.

We still haven’t decided. It’s hard to tell with a mercurial talent like Randall. He’s an enigma. He’s a prima donna. He’s many things…but one thing is for sure: He takes whatever he wants. He doesn’t give a shit.

So, Randall, you are hereby invited to Jamboree 2012! We have saved a seat for you next to Tay Zonday, Antoine Dodson, Keenen Cahill, and the “Leave Britney Alone” dude. We hope you can make it!

If you haven’t seen Randall’s take on “Jamboree,” here goes, well, somethin’. Please be advised Randall pulls no punches and despite his somewhat sassy voice, his language is salty enough to make a longshoreman blush. DO NOT get busted watching this at work and blame us for it. Also, DO NOT let your 3 year old, or even your 10 year old, hear this and then come blaming us. You have been warned!


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