Rise Against Debuts Q101-Filmed Video

So…what’s this about Rise Against? Well here’s what it’s about! It’s about this exclusive video shot by a special crew of Q101.com winners we hooked up at the band’s show in January at UIC.
They shot some fantastic footage and we got the guy that creates all of the Official Rise Against videos to put it all together into one amazing piece. Get the first look before it goes national and potentially viral right here on Q101.com!  Thanks to Rise Against and you, their amazing fans here in Chicago.  Q101 VIPs get incredible and very exclusive opportunities like this, so make sure you’re on the list for FREE:

One thought on “Rise Against Debuts Q101-Filmed Video

  1. This is an awesome video! I was standing next to one of the guys that was recording this, up around the 2nd row! Glad to see the video turned out so well

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