The cold weather made for a crazy night at Toyota Park last night. The Fire lost just their second game of the year but it was a heart breaker. And as a result the Fire’s all-time record against Seattle now stands at 0-4-3. Coach Frank Klopas received some negative press for not starting Midfielder Marco Poppa. But earlier in the week Poppa was with the Guatemalan National Team for olympic qualifying games, and Klopas said he didn’t want to exhaust Poppa. But Marco Poppa did come off the bench in the second half. The majority of the first half was a defensive shootout.

But then Seattle’s first goal came in the 39th minute, the goal was originally credited to Seattle Midfielder David Estrada. But the scorer changed it and instead it was ruled an own goal by Fire Defender Arne Friedrich. The ball was deflected off of Fire Goalkeeper Sean Johnson and the replay showed it was accidentally booted into the net by Freidrich after he tried to snag the ball from Estrada. The Sounder’s defense held the Fire at bay. At the same time, the Fire had plenty of scoring chances towards the end of the second half. But some questionable calls by the officials ruined those chances.

Fire Forward Dominic Oduro was tripped numerous times but more often than not no fouls were called. Not to mention the numerous offsides calls, most of which didn’t appear to be legit. The Sounders led 1-0 at halftime. The fire came out in the 2nd half with Marco Poppa finally in the game much to the delight of the Fire fans. In the 50th minute, Dominic Oduro appeared to have a goal to even the game. But at the very last second one of the referees ruled it a dead ball due to another offisides call. The fans at Toyota Park were furious and rightfully so.

Then 10 minutes later the Sounders would collect their second goal of the evening. Sounders Forward Eddie Johnson got behind the Fire defense and booted one past Goalie Sean Johnson to give the sounders a 2-0 lead. And as the half went on, more questionable calls  by the officiating crew resulted in fans throwing debris onto the field, as well as profanity geared towards the officials and the Sounders bench. All of the calls went the Sounders way. The Fire was called for offsides on almost every scoring chance they had, they also had some fouls called on them when it was obvious that Seattle was faking it.

Marco Poppa was issued a yellow card after he had enough and started arguing with the officials. Seattle did have 3 yellow cards thrown their way but that was late in the second half and didn’t effect the outcome of the game. There was even a Fire fan who was sitting in the upper deck seats next to the press box, who looked into press row and started yelling at members of the Seattle media and accused them of paying off the officials prior to the game. I guess that guy was a passionate fan. But none the less, the Fire would finally get on the board in the 89th minute when Marco Poppa fired a long shot from 15 yards out.

The officials were generous enough to add 4 minutes of stoppage time which could have given the Fire a chance to tie the game. But more questionable foul calls and a lot of pushing, shoving, and physical play between both teams took up most of that time. When the Fire had one last free kick  before time ran out, the Sounders spent most of that time arguing with the officials about the foul call that led to the free kick. Then when Dominic Oduro was about to take his shot, time ran out and the referee blew the whistle. This led to a very heated argument between players from both teams and led to this brawl among the players on the field:

The referees tried to break it up but then both benches cleared and the fight escalated prompting stadium security to enter the field and break it up:

Now both teams await to find out what punishment {if any} would be handed out by Major League Soccer. After the game Coach Klopas and the Fire players refused to say anything negative about the officials. After the game Coach Klopas had a press conference:

I also had an interview with Fire Forward Dominic Oduro:

Goalie Sean Johnson also spoke with me:

Plus, Marco Poppa spoke with the press: {The following interview was done in both English and Spanish}

Here is the box score from last night’s game:

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