Unisex Scouting–Finally!

Male? Female? Other? It matters not when joining the Dog Scouts of America.

They’ve got badges and campouts, cookie drives and troops in 22 states, including Illinois. The Dog Scouts of America even has a motto or two as the half-human, half-hound organization goes about the business of doing good deeds.

One of the first badges for Jasper, a 3-year-old collie-lab mix, was disaster preparedness. After all, he lives with Robert and Misti Verdahl in Milpitas, southeast of San Francisco, where you have to be aware of earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Jasper and his humans belong to Troop 198 in Santa Clara and have earned 18 badges altogether. Each, the humans said, has made him a better dog.

There are 682 Dog Scouts who belong to 38 troops across the country. The organization has around 80 badges, but not all dogs can earn all badges, said DSA President Chris Puls of Brookville, Ind.

Source: http://www.suntimes.com/lifestyles/11719748-423/photo-gallery-dog-scouts-of-america-bark-about-badges.html



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