#WWECOVERBANDS: Pro Wrestler + Rock band name = hilarious

Marty Derosa of Comedians You Show Know
@MartyDerosa slams with #WWECoverbands

As an aspiring comedian and  ‘smart’ wrestling fan whose constantly tuned into the ever-flowing internet chatter of other like-minded fans, it was a real treat to see the ‘WWE Universe’ get blasted by a super-nova of the ridiculously funny hash-tag trend #wwecovrbands on Twitter this week.  Started by Twitter user @Bar_Nez and Chicago comedian @MartyDerosa this past Wednesday,  the joke started with one tweet between the two wrestling fans, steamrolled out of Chicago, and onto becoming a world-wide trending topic by the end of the day. WWE superstars like @CMPunk, @IamJericho (Chris Jericho), and @ZackRyder joined in on the rock ‘n wrassl’n humor as well.  I found myself writing and reading other tweets about this joke for well over 2 hours while at work on Wednesday.  It may not have been a productive day at the office, but it was certainly a day where I laughed hardest ever at any job I have ever had.

Here is the origianl Tweet that started the whole thing…

@Bar_Nez @martyderosa @WWE Jinder Mahal & Oates #wwecoverbands

The joke formula is pretty simple. You take a pro wrestling star’s stage name and combine it with the name of a popular (or once popular) musical act.  It sounds silly because it is, but the results are entertaining even if you can’t come up with a clever phonetic spin on the formula.  Here is a collection of the some of the funniest #WWEcoverband tweets posted this week. You can share your own #WWEcoverband joke with me @KevKellam. 


@WWEMagazine : Husker Duke the Dumpster Droese

@Mikki_Sixx Akeem the African Dream Theater

@Mikki_Sixx Billy Guns ‘N’ Roses

@Joekillgallon The Velvet Undertaker

@RyanBudds Greg the Hammer My Bloody Valentine

@joemcadams They Might Be Andre the Giants

@CMPunk  George Straight Edge Society

@MartyDerosa Crosby, Stills, Kevin Nash & Eric Young.

@GlitterCheese Daniel Bryan McKnight

@BdRick DJ Jazzy Jeff Hardy

I could go on and on for days.  There is literally thousands of the smile-enducing gems like these on this page on twitter.com. Check out Marty Derosa continue to make Pro Wrestling funny with NWA World Champion @ColtCabana with their weekly web series,  “Creative Has Nothing For You” where they spoof the behind-the-scenes life of  wrestlers at the bottom of the card.  The comic/wrestler duo also produce the must-see $5 Wrestling DVD series for Highspots.com, which had a sold-out crowd for a live show in Miami during Wrestlemania weekend earlier this month.


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