A Message from Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins has been someone I’ve admired for decades.

This video struck a chord with me, and I hope you dig it as much as I did. It’s hardly classic “Rollins”: If you’re expecting fire and brimstone from the former Black Flag singer, you will not get it here (this time at least). In fact, it’s striking to me how low-key he sounds; his voice even sounds tired at times.

And why not?  These are, after all, trying and even tiring times.

Despite the uncertain, unfortunate economy, and even outright unfair money troubles some of us face, life in the 21st century in America, vis-a-vis much of the world, and certainly when compared to the rest of human history, is pretty damn good.  From the looks of many among us, though, you might not always get that feeling.

Instead, it seems that many have decided that life is impossible, that the future is bleak, dark, hopeless.

Sorry, that view is not ours here at Q101.  It certainly is not mine.  It doesn’t seem to be Henry’s.

We’re looking for those who see light in darkness, hear music amidst clutter, envision trees where only weeds thrive in cracked, dry ground.

We know we’re not alone, but the voices of despair and anger seem so loud at times.  They beat back honest discussion.  They drown out those who want to have their voice heard.

They can’t be allowed to win.  Will you join the fight?

Welcome, then, to the community of Q101.  It’s a big tent.  Positive thinkers are who we seek.  Difference makers.

If you’re into what we’re trying to build here, we welcome you. If you’re taking a look but haven’t decided yet, welcome as well. If you have some ideas and want to take part, we enjoy lively, colorful, and constructive interaction and welcome you!

If you are not a fan, we understand.  Please be on your way. “Unlike,” “Delete,” do whatever you must to expunge us from your life’s radar screen, and please be well in your life’s journey.

But above all, please find that which will bring you happiness.  If it isn’t us, or this, then so be it.  Be well in your travels, and godspeed!  For, as Henry knows and explains below…the ride we’re all on is short. Enjoy it, or disembark and let the rest of us enjoy it.  Whatever choice you make, just know that it’ll be over all too soon.  What do you choose?


Thanks to Antiquiet.com for sharing this video.

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