Album Review: Three Cent Cinema “Ages”

Three Cent Cinema have been carrying the pop punk flag in Chicago since 2009.  Now in 2012 they have finally released their debut album Ages.  The main thing I got from listening to Ages over and over again was pure emotion.  Now you’re probably saying “Hey Mike doesn’t every band put emotion into their music” well internet dude the short answer is no. Throughout Ages topics such as loneliness, wasted opportunities, and lack of confidence are brought up.  This isn’t a happy record by any stretch.  Near the end of the album you just want to scream “Hey cheer up things aint so bad”. Ages clocks in at about 25 minutes so the themes and topics don’t wear you out.  Call me old fashioned but I love to have physical copies of records.  Since I’m also a big lyric buff I read along as I listened to the album.  Some of my favorite lyrics are

From Jughead:
“I’ve been trying to make believe that  it’s not just you and me that there’s something more to this than my lack of confidence”

From Still Life:
“waiting is all that I do drowning in dry thoughts I waste time alone in my room”

I’ve never been much of an album reviewer but I do love to talk about good music.  I’m not going to rate this album but what I will say is that I really enjoyed it and I definitely recommend it.

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