All Time Low-Life on the Road

As I revved the engine of the Ducati motorcycle between my legs and checked my aim down the hallway of the Beverly Hills Hotel—obviously to make sure I caused as much damage as possible—the last thing I thought to myself as I let go of the hand brake was, “I hope I didn’t give the front desk my personal credit card.” Okay, fine, that never happened… But could you imagine if it did?

Ahhh…the words of All Time Low’s guitarist Jack Barakat. Awhile back, Jack contacted Alternative Press to ask about writing a piece for the magazine.

When Barakat reached out to Alternative Press (AP) about writing an Op-Ed, there was concern they would “have to use more black bars on the article than there was available ink”.

Luckily, his “rock star reality check,” as he likes to call it, turned out profanity-free and is a genuinely interesting perspective on the current state of the classic rock ’n’ roll lifestyle—which, according to Barakat, is on life support.


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