Come One, Come All! Depravity Rules Here


[dih-preyvd]  adjective

corrupt, wicked, or perverted.

Does this sound like your type of woman? I suspected as much.

Heather Rutman’s new book “How to Lure a Depraved Girl” gives tips and ideas on how to be a depraved girl or how to approach one.

Heather shared some of her tricks with Dan Bergstein of Maxim Magazine:

Talk, Dammit!
 Guys will ask how they should approach a woman. I get this question a lot. Some people think there’s a trick to it. And my answer is always: You have to talk to them. If you don’t talk to a girl, you won’t get to have sex with her. No cheesy lines. Just be confident. Be original.

If Your Ass is Grabbed, You Win
A rule that didn’t make it into the book was about ass grabbing. It only works for women. A woman can grab a guy’s ass to get his attention and start a conversation. It’s pretty foolproof. It always worked for me. I’ve tested it many, many a-time. I would grab an ass and then by the end of the night we were usually making out.

READ MORE for additional ideas from Heather.

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