Exclusive Stream: The Enders “Take Control”

I don’t remember how we found each other but I like to think that the universe had a plan all along.  A few years back Ben emailed me and asked me to listen to a band he was in called The Enders. After listening to a few songs I instantly became a fan. Fast forward to today where below you can listen to the first song off of The Enders debut album “The Ruins Of Ambition” .

The song is called “Take Control” its a fast hard hitting hardcore track that builds even more anticipation for the full length.I asked Ben what the song was about and this is what he said

“The song is pretty straightforward… directly attacking politicians and the government for dishonesty, as well as the average American’s willful ignorance in all things political, and my refusal to play along… mostly”.

The Enders debut album “The Ruins Of Ambition” is due out in June.
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