Facebook Posts We Can Do Without

I’m guilty of 33.33% of these types of posts. Having said that, I fiercely defend my decision to post on Facebook when I’m listening to q101.com and what song is playing. The need to share my glee and excitement about songs and music far outweighs any thought that someone might tire of this type of post from me. They expect no less.

My own list of Facebook rules goes something like this:

Keep a positive attitude. FML has no place on my posts.

Don’t name call. Sticks and stones, baby.

Don’t spread vicious lies. Also, don’t spread NON vicious lies.

Make people laugh. Or try to.

Share the love.  It makes ME happy to make YOU happy.

If your life truly sucks, try to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” (whistling ensues).

Try to be considerate of others’ feelings.

Use big words to confuse others, making them run to dictionary.com. You are improving their education while at the same time having fun.

Don’t fight with your family or significant other on Facebook.

Don’t forget, once it’s on Facebook, it’s “forever”.

Are YOU guilty of any of these so called no-no’s?  Guyism.com has come up with THEIR list, shown below.

Ultimately, what you post is your business. Your friends ALWAYS have the option of skipping your post, marking it as spam, or unfriending you.




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