Female Pro Gamers

What is a pro gamer? Well, a pro gamer plays video games in competitions  FOR MONEY. A pro gamer relies on his or her gaming winnings as their main financial support.

Anna Prosser is one of a growing number of women rising to the top of the pro gaming world. Prosser gained national attention last year when she won the beauty pageant crown as Miss Oregon USA. The 26 year-old Portland native graduated magna cum laude from Oregon State University with dual degrees in International Studies and Speech Communication with a minor in Spanish.

The lifelong gamer entered eSports during college as a video reporter covering the growing pro gaming scene. She currently serves as manager for the Portland-based pro gaming team Evil Geniuses and travels to eSports events around the world, giving her an insider’s perspective on the evolving landscape. Most recently, she’s vying for the Maxim Gamer Girl online competition.

Source:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/johngaudiosi/2012/04/28/team-evil-geniuses-manager-anna-prosser-believes-more-female-gamers-will-turn-pro/



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