Flyleaf to Play Benefit Concert for Fallen Member

Flyleaf appears to be a five-piece, multi-platinum alternative band from Texas. Not quite. Fans might be surprised to know that for 10 years there has been a sixth member of the band. Flyleaf’s sound engineer Rich Caldwell has had a dramatic impact on the sound and success of the band, so much so that Flyleaf referred to him as its sixth member.

Flyleaf has just lost its sixth man. Last month, Caldwell died in an automobile accident near his home in College Station, Texas, leaving the band breathless.

The band wanted to do something to both honor his memory and raise money to help support his family. Caldwell is survived by his wife Katy and two-year-old son Kirby. Caldwell carried no life insurance.

It may be later than the band would have liked to honor him, but it’s not too late. Flyleaf will play a benefit concert for Caldwell’s family on May 20 at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas.

The tragic accident comes on the heels of the band preparing the release of their third record, their follow up to 2009’s Memento Mori. The release date is planned for early summer.

The band then plans on embarking on a headlining tour in the fall.


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