Getting a Top Executive Job

Getting a top executive job is not just for those with an MBA or higher degree these days. So what DOES an employer really want when trying to fill an executive-level position? Most hiring managers stated “relevant experience” was necessary, although about a third are open to those with no experience in the industry.

Not surprisingly, employers are looking for executives to fill roles where opportunities to expand the business and increase revenue are primary goals. Business development leads the list of in-demand executives, with 24 percent of employers looking to fill those roles. Following close behind are information technology with 23 percent, sales with 22 percent, and both marketing and accounting/finance at 19 percent.

Anthony Balderrama’s article in  the Chicago Tribune says when evaluating characteristics of potential executives, hiring managers say they want someone:

With a proven ability to address problems with effective solutions — 62 percent

Who is adept at motivating others — 54 percent

Who can act with speed and agility in a changing market — 47 percent

Who is creative — 43 percent

Who has emotional intelligence — 38 percent

With experience in different areas — 37 percent

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