Local 101: Meet Chicago’s Mutt-ly Crew

Rock fans, keep this in mind: there isn’t just one kind of rock, especially in Chicago. We’re lucky enough to live in a city with enough musical influence and diversity that it’s impossible to not find a local band to love. I dare you to prove me wrong.

Our featured Local 101 band this week, Mutts, rocks hard but their distinct blues influences give them a sound that surpasses your typical rock band.

Last week I got the chance to hang out with Bob Buckstaff, Mike Maimone and Chris Pagnani–the members of Mutts–following a hot and sweaty practice session at their Logan Square studio space. We sat outside enjoying the weather and chatting about the band’s two upcoming albums, blues rock’s rise to mainstream popularity and Chris’s recent accreditation as a drivers ed instructor. Listen to the full interview below.

Get a free download of Mutts’ latest album Pray For Rain on the band’s Bandcamp page and keep an eye out for upcoming tour and album release dates. Don’t miss their performance at the Do Division Street Fest.

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