Sayonara Suckas

How does one QUIT a job properly? Tell the boss to “shove it”? Brood darkly, muttering “this place sucks!!!” while throwing picture frames, paperweights, and half dead cacti  into a box? Walking out the same day you resign?

A new survey by OfficeTeam, a staffing service that specializes in placing administrative professionals, reveals some of the strangest reasons why employees gave notice at companies. Some of the doozies included leaving the company because an employee “lost her cell phone too many times at work,” or a worker “quit to participate in a reality show.”

Other reasons  included quitting because the employee didn’t like the office’s odor, disliked the cafeteria food, wanted to watch a soccer tournament, had to stay home to feed a pet, or disagreed with the lighting and wall color choice in the office.

When leaving a job, OfficeTeam suggests giving proper notice, supplying written instructions to team members on pending projects and assignments, staying positive when saying goodbye to colleagues, wrapping up as many projects as possible before exiting, and honestly participating in an exit interview. Maintain a positive attitude.

HOW you leave a job is just as important as how you GET one. You never know, twenty years down the line the dude you insulted or demonstrated stupidity to could be an even bigger influence in your field of work than when you started.  The saying  “It’s A Small World” applies especially to the working world.,0,3382902.story

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