Sexting Rules

Apparently there are parameters for everything these days, including sexting.

What is so important about this topic that it merits discussion and “rules”? Doesn’t “anything go” in this age of freedom?

No. If you do this one wrong, there ARE repercussions. The most important thing to remember is that the written word is FOREVER.

It’s all great fun until later you realize your sexting partner is a complete and utter lunatic and you wish to delete any trace of them from your, um, equipment. Your (ex) partner doesn’t see it that way and shares every last intimate text between the two of you on Facebook.

Also, if you leave your phone/computer unsecured, someone could play a prank on you and share your secret messages with the world. Don’t forget to DELETE.

Obviously, only “sext with someone you’re dating.” But, it’s 2012, and the casual sext is almost as prevalent as casual sex. If you want to initiate some verbal play with someone with whom you have crazy sexual tension, go ahead, just make sure it’s someone you trust not to forward/copy & paste the whole conversation. And as a more general rule, it’s probably best not to sext people with whom you wouldn’t have sex in real life.

Be careful.


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