The Charm of Chocolate Cheetos

“Some Red Caviar chips, please.” A SLIGHTLY fishy aftertaste, but after all, these aren’t being made for Americans. At least not yet.

A New York fourth-grader and self-proclaimed junk food aficionado named Bob Marley Jones was one of seven taste testers who recently got to sample some new and, shall we say, creative, snacks.

The taste testers gathered recently at the headquarters of The Associated Press in New York and represented varying levels of culinary pedigree.

In addition to Bob Marley Jones, the testers included food bloggers, famed French pastry chef Jacques Torres and Marilyn Haggerty, and an 85-year-old North Dakota newspaper columnist whose high praise of the Olive Garden went viral earlier this year.

The spread of international snacks didn’t consist of any barbecue-flavored Lay’s chips or black-and-white Oreo cookies. Instead, the menu included “Forest Mushroom” and “Grilled Meat” Lay’s from Russia, fruity Oreos from China and lemon-peppered flavored Tang drink from Saudi Arabia. The reactions were mixed…quotes include “it tasted like an old garden hose” and “food poisoning”.


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