Wanna Frack? Finding Jobs in Tough Times

The latest reported national unemployment rate is 8.2%. Are you in that group and wondering just where you can find work?

Grab a pick axe and head to South Texas, Oklahoma, or North Dakota where you can mine for oil. Why mining? ¬†There have been vast improvements in how to extract difficult-to-reach shale oil, horizontal drilling and hydraulic “fracking,” which pumps water, sand and chemicals into the well at high pressure in order to break porous rock apart and release oil and gas.

If that doesn’t ignite your job search desires, Social Media is also a hotbed of employment.¬†“The social media movement is hot,” says investment blogger Andy Nyquist, “and it’s now just starting to take off.” Labor demand for computer and mathematical science workers jumped from 19,200 to 582,600 last month, according to recent data from the Conference Board helped by jobs for computer systems analysts, software engineers and systems engineers.

Other growth areas can be found here:



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