Torturous Tunes You WON’T Find on Q101

Thankfully, there is  a place you can turn in order NOT to get burnt out on the repetitive swill assaulting our ears these days.  Where is that? Why, it’s, OF COURSE.

However, if you or someone you know would like to injure your auditory senses, Maxim Staffers have put together a top 100 list of the most annoying, catchy, or even entertaining songs. Pick one, maybe two, and send it to a loved one as a gift.  Once they are done kicking you, they may thank you for it later.

How many of these will YOU find on (Hint: there are two.  At least.  Ahem.   We’ll revisit.  )

A personal favorite would be number 100.  Notable mentions:  Thong Song, Chicago’s own Styx with “Come Sail Away”, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” and that crappt $5 Footlong Commercial.



2 thoughts on “Torturous Tunes You WON’T Find on Q101

  1. But Whoomp There it is is a classic! Once in a great while would be ok, and so would be a well timed bird is the word, cause well, you know….. the bird is the word…

    1. Many ARE classics I know by heart and love. And once in a great while is perfect, particularly when describing a certain “ornithological piece”….Hasn’t everyone heard?

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