Why Do a “To Do List” if We Don’t Do What’s On It?

Get more done…get more organized…more…more…more.

It’s really quite simple,” were the famous last words of my college physics professor.

Say what you will do, then do what you say.”

This is a basic premise of a certain Quality Control system used in industry.

Let’s try another tactic to get our daily tasks completed. “I’ll make a list and as I do what needs to be done, I’ll just cross it off.”

Making a to-do list is only half the battle. Following through on it is a much larger hurdle, according to a LinkedIn survey released Tuesday.

Of 6,580 professionals polled around the world, 89 percent of respondents said they could not  accomplish all the tasks on their daily to-do lists, largely because of distractions by email, impromptu meetings or phone calls.

What is the solution? You could:

a. Work smarter

b. Rearrange your schedule to accommodate these distractions

c. Complain that there is too much to do

d. Chuck the list

If you have the magical solution, please let me know. I’ll put it on the list of things I need to read.



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