Zipcar-Sharing Is Caring

If fancy cars impress your new date, car sharing from Zipcar could be the way to create a memorable experience that will help cement a budding relationship. Does that sound materialistic? Shallow?

Well, maybe it is, but just think of pulling up to the curb in a nice, shiny new red BMW convertible versus a tan Ford Taurus with one hubcap missing. Even if you already own your own car, this would be an impressive maneuver. Additionally, since you are car “sharing”, there are no hefty monthly payments to worry about.

The “wow” factor of that first impression could mean the difference between your date pondering  “Is it over yet?” and “Wow, that car makes me want to…spend more quality time with you.”

Scott Griffith is the chief executive of  Zipcar Inc., the Cambridge, MA company that in a few short years has signed up nearly 700,000 members and has become profitable in recent quarters operating the nation’s largest car-share program.

In Southern California, Zipcar operates at many college campuses, including some of the smaller schools such as Chapman University and Occidental College. It also has rental cars in Hollywood, West Hollywood and Santa Monica.

Renters need to be at least 18 years old. Gas and insurance is included in the hourly rate, which starts at $8 in Southern California but requires both an application fee and an annual membership charge.

Jerry Hirsch of the Los Angeles Times recently interviewed Scott Griffith about car-sharing through Zipcar.

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