Local 101: Bullied in Chicago

Somewhere along the way, punk rock lost face. Somewhere in between The Clash and Green Day, Minor Threat and The Get Up Kids, NOFX and Rise Against, Henry Rollins, Tom Delonge and Pete Wentz, the genre lost it’s definitive sound. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“Punk” has become a multi-faceted term and sometimes when you combine the many hats that it wears you wind up with one hell of a headpiece. Chicago sports a long history of essential punk bands and our contemporary wave of locals continues to keep our city’s scene on par.

Bully in the Hallway might not produce the most traditional of punk music, but the influences that those traditions have on this Chicago five-piece is undeniable. True to the genre’s evolution, Bully combines a multitude of sounds that gives them both a sophisticated and fun-loving sound.

Local 101 caught up with Bully in the Hallway at a recent show at the Fireside Bowl. We chatted about their varied list of influences, trip to South By Southwest festival earlier this year and rocking in Chicago. View the entire interview in the video below.


Listen to and download Bully in the Hallway’s Crooks and their Castles

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